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ARMADILLO WILDLIFE is proud to be serving Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Auburn, Angola, Syracuse, and surrounding area. We are based right here in Northeastern Indiana, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, and a family-owned business. We are PERSONALLY invested in the satisfaction and happiness of each individual customer.


Our comprehensive end-to-end services include Nuisance Animal Removal and Control Services. Insulation Removal and Replacement Services and Attic Restoration and Clean-Up Services. All our team members are fully trained and highly experienced wildlife specialists. We only use established, proven methods and materials to ensure quality, effectiveness, safety, and results.


You can count on us to treat you with professional service at all times. For example, after we have the opportunity to assess the situation and survey the damage (or the risk of damage if it is at the very early stages of an occupancy or infestation), we will provide you with an honest, straightforward recommended action plan. We will also educate you on all available options, so that you can make a decision that solves your problem and fits your budget.


When you have bats, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and more in your residence or business, the last thing you want is for a wildlife removal company to make things even more stressful by using "scare tactics" to sell you more services. We NEVER do this. We only provide you with honest information and justifiable recommendations, and gladly let you know when there is a way for us to reduce your cost.


We believe that "service with a smile" is essential, not optional. We take pride in our work, and love educating our customers on everything from different types of wildlife in this area, to various exclusion techniques, and much more. If you have a question, you'll always find us friendly and approachable. You are not just a customer to us. You are the reason that we exist!


If you choose to work with us, we'll provide you with ongoing communication and updates, so that you know what has been done, and what is planned ahead. And if you have a question, we're responsive and treat your inquiry as our top priority. We work for you -- not the other way around!


At ARMADILLO WILDLIFE, we always treat wildlife humanely -- both because it is the law, and also because it is the right thing to do. When it is necessary for us to use traps or perform a live capture, we properly relocate the animal(s). Ultimately, this means you can FEEL GOOD about choosing us to solve your nuisance wildlife problem because we always do things the right way!


We treat your home and property with the utmost respect. Our experienced team will not cause any damage, and all temporary mess (e.g. contaminated attic insulation) will be completely cleaned up and disposed of properly. We also work as efficiently and as quietly as possible, so that we do not upset any of your pets or disturb any of your neighbors.


When critters take over your attic, crawl space, garage, basement or anywhere else in your home or property, what you want most is to solve the problem, stop worrying, and get a peaceful night's sleep! We understand your concerns and stress, and that is why we stand behind our work. We do not consider the job done until our experts AND your family says so!

Armadillo Wildlife is proud to serve the Fort Wayne community, as well as Warsaw, Auburn, Angola, Syracuse, and surrounding areas. To learn more about how we can solve your nuisance wildlife problem -- and demonstrate our core values -- contact us today. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to like, comment and subscribe as we're sharing lots of great, informative videos covering pest removal and more.


CTA: Call Armadillo Wildlife at 260-258-0007 for your wildlife removal and control needs.

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“You need to know Rollin Miller and his Armadillo wildlife removal company!  We have had Rollie remove a muskrat from our pond, plus ground hogs and skunks from our back yard! His service is the best around! He is both professional and quick!  Thanks to Rollie our dog and cats have a better place to roam with out getting hurt! Wonderful service and always with a smile!!”

- Marsha G.