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Once they enter a crawl space or attic, nuisance wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, rats and mice do more than cause structural damage. They also nest within the insulation — which unfortunately is ideal for their long-term housing and mating needs — and riddle it with urine and feces. In addition, dead and decomposing animals can further contaminate the insulation, and make it even more of a threat to your family’s health and safety, and the structural integrity of your attic and home. The good news is that our contaminated insultation removal and replacement service will put an end to your worries quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Proven Process

At ARMADILLO WILDLIFE, we have more than 20 years of experience helping families and safely and effectively remove and replace contaminated insulation from their home, and put nuisance wildlife anxieties behind them — for good!

Our insulation removal and replacement service is built on a proven process that includes the following key phases:

Phase 1: Our experts thoroughly examine your attic and crawl space, to assess the impact and damage that nuisance wildlife have left behind. Please note: if you are currently dealing with an infestation, then our experts will safely and appropriately trap, remove and relocate the animals, and implement exclusion techniques to ensure that neither they nor their friends return to your property.

Phase 2: Once our experts determine the state of your insulation, we share the assessment with you. We will also provide you with digital photos so that you can clearly see the damage.

Phase 3: Once we have answered all of your questions and you are 100% confident with our recommended course of action, we use industrial-grade vacuums to remove droppings from your attic, and then remove the contaminated insulation. Be assured that our experts only use professional-grade insulation vacuum equipment to perform this critically important work, and we never expose your living areas to contaminated insulation.

Phase 5: Once the contaminated insulation is completely removed, we use a special atomizing mist machine called a fogger to destroy the adverse impact of feces and urine breaking down, kill foul smells and wildlife-attracting pheromones.

Phase 6: Next, we professionally install your new insulation to the correct R-value. It is important to note that we ensure that you have the optimal amount of attic insulation.

Phase 7: Once your new insulation is installed, we perform another comprehensive assessment to ensure quality and verify that no contamination exists. We will not close the job until both we and you are 100% satisfied.

Below, we highlight some additional key information about our insulation removal and replacement service:

We Do Not Use Scare Tactics

We must acknowledge that urine, feces, viruses, parasites, bacteria and decomposing dead animals in an attic is a rather unsettling situation. However, we do not use “scare tactics” to sell services. We provide you with honest information and verifiable facts. Wherever possible, we will suggest options or alternatives that reduce your overall cost. We want you to feel good about your partnership with us, and to feel that you received great value and service. Simply put, we treat you the way we would like to be treated: with respect and integrity!

We Can Work with Your Insurance Company

If you are removing and replacing your insulation as part of an insurance claim, then we can work directly with your insurance company to coordinate the work. This will make the process more efficient and simpler for you, and give you one less relationship to manage.

Time is Of the Essence!

Because most people do not use their attic to store items or for other purposes, they tend to have an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to problems like nuisance wildlife and contaminated insulation. Unfortunately, this is a major mistake! These problems do not go away on their own. They get worse and worse — especially if urine and feces have soaked their way through insulation (which is surprisingly thin in many homes), and started rotting away at the underlying wood. In addition, the foul odor can become unbearable. Plus, the scent will attract new wildlife who get the message that your attic is an ideal “home away from home” for them.

Our Communication Sets Us Apart

In addition to our proven expertise and in-depth knowledge, our total commitment to effective communication sets us apart. We are here to answer your questions, explain your options, and keep you informed throughout the process — from the first moment we talk about your attic, to the day you smile, breathe a sigh of relief, and say: “finally, our family can get a peaceful night’s sleep because we aren’t lying awake worried about the attic!”

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To learn more about our safe, effective, proven and guaranteed insulation removal and replacement service, contact the experts at ARMADILLO WILDLIFE today. Our experience is your advantage!

Armadillo Wildlife is proud to serve the Fort Wayne community, as well as Warsaw, Auburn, Angola, Syracuse, and surrounding areas.

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“You need to know Rollin Miller and his Armadillo wildlife removal company!  We have had Rollie remove a muskrat from our pond, plus ground hogs and skunks from our back yard! His service is the best around! He is both professional and quick!  Thanks to Rollie our dog and cats have a better place to roam with out getting hurt! Wonderful service and always with a smile!!”

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