Our Nuisance Animal Removal & Control Service

Observing wildlife in its natural surroundings is beautiful and peaceful. However, discovering that bats, racoons, squirrels and other animals have decided to make your residence their “home away from home” can be a nightmare that not only leads to major property damage, but can put the health of your family and pets at risk. Fortunately, that is where our comprehensive nuisance wildlife and animal removal service comes to the rescue.

Our Proven Process

At ARMADILLO WILDLIFE, we have more than 20 years of experience helping families and safely and effectively remove nuisance wildlife from their homes — and reclaim their peace of mind. We are the animal control experts that the professionals trust and recommend!

Our nuisance wildlife and animal removal service is built on a proven process that includes the following key phases:

Phase 1: We start by performing a comprehensive, end-to-end home inspection. As any animal control expert will tell you, wildlife is notoriously clever, and will move and adapt to find new spaces. However, even the most resourceful animals cannot escape our inspection! We check every corner, every nook, and every crawl space. Plus, we can detect even the faintest signs that wildlife has been present in an area, so even if they have moved to a different part of the house — or are outside of the home foraging for food — be assured that we will track them down.

Phase 2: Once we itemize all damage and identify all potential entry points, we put together a customized plan that puts a permanent end to your problems and worries. It is important to note that not all animals behave and react the same way, or have the same habits (more information on this is provided further below). As such, your plan will have sub-sections to remove and exclude each type of animal.

Phase 3: After we consult with you, answer all of your questions, and confirm that you are 100% comfortable with your customized plan, we carry out the work in a professional, diligent, efficient, reliable and quality-assured manner. If your plan includes trapping animals that are in your home, we will humanely remove and relocate them into an appropriate natural habitat. If your plan includes excluding animals, then we will implement a variety of effective no-trap techniques to keep wildlife from returning to your home. This typically includes repairing, sealing, screening and covering all entry points and vulnerable areas, and doing so in a manner that does not damage your home’s esthetics. We have found exclusion to be particularly effective when dealing with bats, raccoons, squirrels, and when facing the problem of nuisance wildlife underneath decks.

Phase 4: Once your animal removal plan is completely carried out — which may include trapping/releasing, exclusion or both — we carefully and thoroughly inspect your home to ensure that you are 100% free of nuisance wildlife. And of course, we are always just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns. Be assured that unlike some other companies, we do not use “scare tactics” to sell services that our valued customers do not need. We provide honest advice that is based on decades of experience. We treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own, and nothing makes us prouder or happier than hearing our customers say: “Because of you, our family can finally get a peaceful night’s sleep!”

Below, we look at three kinds of nuisance wildlife that are a BIG animal control problem for homeowners in Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Syracuse, Angola, and throughout the surrounding area: squirrels, raccoons and bats.

Nuisance Animal: Squirrels

The most interesting thing about squirrels, is also the biggest reason they are a major problem once they invade a home: their teeth continuously grow, which means they need to keep chewing things to keep their teeth short and sharp. Unfortunately, this means that wood, plastic wires, aluminum, and even metal are all on the menu. To make things worse, squirrels are very agile, nimble and curious, and have no problem navigating their way in and through louvre vents, roof exhausts, chimneys and fireplaces. Trying to chase them down is virtually impossible. In fact, homeowners who try to do so almost always end up causing damage to their home — and they could also get themselves hurt in the process.

At ARMADILLO WILDLIFE, we will trap and remove all squirrels that are in your home. Just as importantly, we will implement preventative measures to exclude new squirrels from taking their place.

Nuisance Animal: Racoons

Like them or hate them — and it is probably fair to assume that your opinion at the moment leans towards the latter! — it cannot be denied that racoons are very intelligent and resourceful. Hidden cameras have revealed that it sometimes takes racoons a matter of seconds before completely dismantling a so-called “animal proof” garbage can, or easily opening a garage or shed.

Furthermore, adult racoons are very effective at teaching their offspring to follow in their sneaky footsteps (raccoon litters can have up to 8 cubs). And since racoons are extremely territorial, once they decide that your home is their new abode, they will defend their homestead — especially if they feel that their cubs are threatened. This can be a major safety and health problem for all family members, but especially small children and pets.

At ARMADILLO WILDLIFE, we trap, remove and release racoons into the wild, which is truly where both they and you want them to be. In addition, we implement exclusion techniques to keep old racoons from returning, or new racoons from taking their place. This is very important to keep in mind, because merely trapping racoons is not enough. They must also find it impossible to return — or else, unfortunately, they will be back sooner or later.

Nuisance Animal: Bats

The good news about bats is that they help keep the mosquito population down. The bad news is that all of those mosquitoes — along with bugs and small flies — turn into feces, which is called bat guano. This substance is highly toxic, and exposure can lead to a disease called histoplasmosis. Symptoms of this disease can include chest pain, fever, headache, breathing difficulties, loss of appetite, impaired vision, joint/muscle pain, and more. And while it is rare, a small percentage of bats can contract and spread rabies to humans. It is even possible for people to be bitten by bats while they are sleeping, and without even knowing!

At ARMADILLO WILDLIFE, we will remove all bats or bat colonies from your home, and thoroughly clean all bat guano deposited on your attic insultation. If additional attic repair is required, we can also work directly with your insurance company to facilitate repairs in an efficient and compliant manner. Plus, we will inspect and block all potential entrance points (including secondary points), so that bats do not return and put your property and family at risk.

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To learn more about our safe, effective, proven and guaranteed nuisance wildlife and animal removal service, contact the experts at ARMADILLO WILDLIFE today. Our experience is your advantage!

Armadillo Wildlife is proud to serve the Fort Wayne community, as well as Warsaw, Auburn, Angola, Syracuse, and surrounding areas.

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