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Raccoon Control

In their natural habitat — which is usually trees — raccoons are actually quite beneficial critters. For example, they are scavengers, which means they help keep the pest population from getting out of control. They also eat wasp larvae, which destroys the nests. However, once raccoons decide to make your residence their “home away from home,” they are harmful instead of helpful. Fortunately, that is where our raccoon removal service comes to the rescue!

Our Process

At ARMADILLO WILDLIFE, we have more than 20 years of experience helping families send squatting raccoons packing. We are the raccoon control experts that the professionals trust and recommend. Our raccoon removal service is built on a proven process that includes the following key phases:

Phase 1: We start by performing a comprehensive end-to-end inspection of your home and property to identify all primary and secondary entrance points (and potential entrance points that may not be used now but could be used in the future). We also inspect your attic and crawl space to look for raccoon urine and feces.

Phase 2: After our thorough inspection, we provide you with a customized raccoon removal action plan. We will also share digital photos, so that you can see what is going on behind the scenes. Plus, we will answer all of your questions in a clear, honest and transparent manner. Remember: there is no such thing as a bad question!

Phase 3: Once you are 100% comfortable with your customized action plan, our experts will meticulously carry it out. In our experience, when possible we do not use live traps for a couple of reasons. The first is that it is possible to trap other wildlife, or even pets. Second, raccoons are quite clever, and many will not be lured into a live trap (at least not for several days). As such, when possible we install a raccoon cage that will capture the animal as they move in or out of your house. We then remove and relocate the raccoon.

Also note that if you have a raccoon in your living space right now, then it may be necessary to use an animal control stick (sometimes called a catch stick) to seize the animal around the neck and place it into the trap. The raccoon is unharmed during this process. It is important to be assertive, because a raccoon in your living space can cause substantial damage. Also, when they are cornered, feel threatened or believe that their offspring are at risk, raccoons can become VERY aggressive.

Phase 4: Once we have removed all raccoons from your home and properly relocated them, we remove raccoon feces and old insulation from your attic and install new insulation to the correct R-value. Raccoon feces may contain baylisascaris, which is raccoon roundworm.

Phase 5: Our raccoon control experts perform another comprehensive inspection to ensure that everything is done properly and thoroughly. We will not close the job until both us and you are 100% satisfied that your raccoon problem is a thing of the past.

Below, we highlight some key information that you and your family must be aware of if raccoons are in your home:

Time is Of the Essence!

Raccoons can cause a surprising amount of destruction in a short period of time. Their razor-sharp claws and teeth can shred vent ducts, insulation, fan vents, cooling systems, insulation, and even sturdy wood beams. They also defecate and urinate excessively — typically in the same place that they have made their “restroom.” This fecal matter and urine eventually gets embedded into the insulation and seeps through it to the underlying wood. All of this means that your raccoon problem will not get better over time. It will only get worse. And if a raccoon dies in your home, you will definitely know it because the smell will be unbearable.

If Raccoons Are in the Chimney, Don’t Start a Fire!

Even the boldest raccoon will get the message if their entranceway to your home is on fire, right? Unfortunately, the answer is no! When you open the damper, instead of climbing out, raccoons may climb in. The good news is that there are safe and effective ways to remove raccoons from chimneys, including odor deterrents and setting a ground trap at the base of the chimney. Our experts have decades of experience and will take care of everything — you do not have to lift a finger or worry about making a major mistake.

We Can Work With Your Insurance Company

If raccoons have caused damage to your home or any part of your property, removing them along with any contaminant (e.g. urine and feces) may be covered by your insurance policy. If you choose to file a claim, we can work directly with your insurance company to make the process easier and simpler for you.

We Are Here for You

We understand that you are frustrated with raccoons noisily trekking through your home and roof in the middle of the night, and that you are worried about the damage and health risks. Be assured that we are here for you every step of the way. We never use “scare tactics” to sell services. Instead, we give you honest advice and recommendations based on our extensive experience. Our unwavering goal is to hear you say: “Finally, my family can get a peaceful night’s sleep because we are not worried about raccoons anymore!”

Learn More

To learn more about our safe, effective, proven and guaranteed raccoon removal service, contact the experts at ARMADILLO WILDLIFE today. Our experience in every aspect of raccoon control is your advantage!

Armadillo Wildlife is proud to serve the Fort Wayne community, as well as Warsaw, Auburn, Angola, Syracuse, and surrounding areas.


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