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In the Fort Wayne area, we deal with numerous species of birds which can become a nuisance for homeowners - pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and geese are among the most common that we see. Birds are attracted to homes and buildings that offer protection from the environment and can become an issue in many areas of your property. They are known to build nests in attics, soffits, chimneys, bathroom vents, and sheds.

When a single animal invades your home, they can cause enough of a problem. But nesting birds represent a multitude of problems. Birds construct their nests in homes primarily to stay protected from predators and weather conditions. But if they end up in your vents or gutters, they can cause damage to your home.

Nesting Birds Stay a While

Birds that build nests within a home's structure are a big problem because in their minds, they are setting up a permanent home. Nest building, egg-laying, and hatching could take many months, and therefore they may take up residence for longer than you may expect. Once the eggs are laid, it can take up to four weeks for the bird hatchlings to emerge, and an additional month until they learn to fly. A mother bird can also be quite aggressive if you attempt to get anywhere near the nest or her children.

Homes offer a significant number of attractive nesting areas for birds. They most often roost in sheltered areas, such as dormers, gutters, vents, and eaves. If there is any gap or opening in the construction, birds will instinctively head inside. Once they have gained entry, birds will continually bring in any nesting materials they can find, which can eventually become a fire hazard.

Evidence of Birds in Your Home

Unlike other animals which can be quite reclusive and sneaky, birds are easy to spot entering and leaving your home – especially when building a nest. You will begin to see the birds on your roof or chimney quite often, and once a nest is made, they will often chatter angrily at you if you get close to them.

If you are looking for nests, observe the birds comings and goings.

Our Process

At ARMADILLO WILDLIFE, we have been helping people to rid their homes of nuisance birds for over 20 years. We construct exclusion mechanisms to keep them from re-entering the space.

Phase 1: Our professional bird removal experts will inspect your home, chimney, and attic for the birds' entry points, and look for active nests which may exist. Droppings in your insulation or attic will need to be identified and removed as well.

Phase 2: Once a comprehensive inspection of your home is done, Armadillo Wildlife will provide you with a custom proposal,. This document will outline our action plan and solution for your specific bird problem. We will show you photos to indicate what is occurring in areas you cannot see or access, to give you a visual as to what needs to be accomplished.

Phase 3: Birds are not to difficult to remove humanely, as opposed to aggressive or disease-carrying rodents.

Phase 4: Once the birds are all out of your home, we will seal up all entry points, or construct one-way exclusion doors. The method of exclusion will be determined based on your home's structure. The bird removal will have to be well-timed, as we do not want to separate a mother from any baby birds. Abandoned hatchlings will likely die in your attic or chimney.

Phase 5: Once all birds have been removed from the premises, our team will remove all droppings and replace contaminated insulation.

Phase 6: Armadillo Wildlife will inspect your property a second time before closing out the project. This final inspection will ensure that everything has been taken care of correctly and that you are satisfied with the results.

Damage that Birds Can Cause

We don't often think of birds doing too much damage, but they can cause harm to vents and soffits as they attempt to gain entry into your home. They may also chip away at small holes and make them more substantial. Birds can contaminate and ruin the insulation in your attic by using the area to leave droppings.

There is another risk of birds taking up residence which you may not have considered. If birds build their nests in vents or air ducts, they can disrupt the proper operation and efficiency of your vents.

Diseases Birds May Carry

Birds can be carriers of lice and mites, as well as several diseases which may not be fatal to humans, but can make you sick. When bird droppings dry out in an attic, they do not break down as they would outside. Fungus spores and particulates can become airborne in your attic or vents, creating hazardous conditions for the humans living in the home. Upper respiratory infections such as histoplasmosis are possible.

Bird mites are another hazard associated with birds living in your home. These insects are known to find their way into the fabric of beds and couches, and leave behind red, itchy bites.

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If you need birds removed from your attic, or are interested in learning more about how to protect your Fort Wayne area home from pests, call the experts at Armadillo Wildlife. We will help you assess the situation, and rid your home of pests - quickly and effectively. Call us today.

Armadillo Wildlife is proud to serve the Fort Wayne community, as well as Warsaw, Auburn, Angola, Syracuse, and surrounding areas.


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