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Bat Control

Perhaps we can start with some positive news: despite their Hollywood-inspired depiction as blood sucking critters who feast on human necks, the truth is that bats are a very important and useful animal. For example, they eat a lot of bugs and mosquitoes. Plus, just like bees, nectar-eating bats pollinate flowers — including many that are used for foods and medicines. And believe it or not, but as far as biological ancestry goes, bats are more closely related to humans than they are to rodents.

However, when bats invade your home — they especially love attics, basements, crawl spaces and between walls — then all of the positive and interesting things about them doesn’t change the fact that you need to evict them ASAP. Fortunately, that is where our bat removal service will help!

Our Process

At ARMADILLO WILDLIFE, we have more than 20 years of experience helping families reclaim their home from bats and bat colonies. Our bat removal service is built on a proven process that includes the following key phases:

Phase 1: We start by conducting a thorough inspection of your home and property, in order to identify all possible primary and secondary entry holes. Many people mistakenly believe that the only way bats enter their home is through an open window or the chimney. However, this is typically not the case. Instead, bats often enter through roof to soffit gaps, roof vents, loose or missing roof shingles, warped siding, and small cracks or gaps in brick walls that can be as small as 1/2 an inch. Bats can also enter a home through the facia board.

Phase 2: Once we complete our inspection, we will create a customized action plan for removing any bats that are currently in your home, and implementing exclusion techniques to keep them and all other bats from coming back. These techniques may include installing ¼ inch hardware cloth over small openings, or injecting wall insulation foam in in cracks (as noted above, bats only need a tiny hole to enter your home). Be assured that any exclusion work we do will not damage your home’s appearance or esthetics. Plus, we will show you digital photos of our inspection so that you can see what is going on behind the scenes.

Phase 3: Once we have answered all of your questions and you are 100% confident in our approach to solving your bat problem once and for all, we will get to work!

Phase 4: Once all bats have been removed from your home, we meticulously remove bat guano from your attic and all affected areas using professional-grade equipment, Also install new insulation to the correct R-valve.

Phase 5: When all bats and contaminants have been removed from your home and all primary and secondary entrance points are sealed, we perform another thorough inspection to ensure that there are no issues or concerns. We will not close your bat removal job until both our team and your family is 100% satisfied that your bat problem is history.

Below, we highlight some key information that you and your family must be aware of if bats have been in your home, or are currently in your home:  

Time is Of the Essence!

If bats have decided to make any part of your property their “home away from home,” then you need to solve the problem ASAP. It will not fix itself over time. Instead, it will get worse, and before long you could find yourself hosting a bat colony. Plus, the same holes and cracks that bats are using to enter your home could be used by rats, mice and other pests.

Bat Droppings Are Very Dangerous!

Fresh bat feces — called guano — can contain a fungus called histoplasmosis that when inhaled can cause a type of lung infection in humans. Touching bat guano is also extremely dangerous and should NEVER be done! Possible symptoms of histoplasmosis include chest pain, fever dry cough, joint paint, and red bumps on the lower legs. In more severe cases, symptoms can include shortness of breath, excessive sweating, and coughing up blood. The risk is greater for children, the elderly, and those with weak or compromised immune systems. It is also possible to get histoplasmosis more than once.

One Bat Could Mean a Colony

You may believe that you are only dealing with a single bat, because you think you see the same one fly around your house (and outside). While this may be possible, it is more likely that there are several bats that have built a colony in your house.

Repellants Don’t Work

In a perfect world, you could simply purchase some cheap “bat repellant” and solve the problem yourself (actually, in a perfect world you wouldn’t have a bat problem in the first place!). However, bat repellents simply don’t get the job done and never will. There are a few reasons why. First, repellants do not work on all types of bats. Second, repellants that contain naphthalene emit a very strong and unpleasant mothball odor, and it can be dangerous to humans and pets. What’s more, eventually naphthalene dissolves, and when that happens guess what? The bats will return! Third, using bright lights is ineffective to the point of comical (you can actually imagine bats laughing at this feeble deterrent). Even worse, bright lights can attract other nuisance wildlife and bugs to your home. Talk about backfiring! The bottom line is this: the only effective, safe and LEGAL bat removal method is through live exclusion carried out by trained professionals.

We Can Work With Your Insurance Company

Your home insurance policy may cover cleaning up bat guano. If so, then we can work directly with your insurance company to coordinate the work. This will make things more efficient and simpler for you.

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To learn more about our safe, effective, proven and guaranteed bat removal service, contact the experts at ARMADILLO WILDLIFE today. Our experience is your advantage!

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