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Squirrels are curious, active and alert - and unfortunately, are not overly wary of human beings who often feed them. Because of these characteristics, it is not surprising they may decide to take up residence in your home during cold or rainy seasons. What can you do if you suspect you have a squirrel in your home? Keep watching to find out!


If squirrels have gained entry into your home it is more likely that you will hear them before you see them. The most common sounds are scurrying /scampering feet overhead, usually from the attic. You may also hear scratching and chewing noises, as squirrels enjoy eating wood framing - not to mention drywall and wiring. Squirrels breed throughout the year, but activity peaks in the winter and summer months. They'll seek shelter in your warm, cozy home and become a nuisance.


The best way to remove squirrels is by concentrating on caging the ones who have taken up residence in your home and excluding them from reentry. To begin, our trained squirrel removal experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, looking for points of entry, evidence of chewed roofing materials, as well as chewed wood along the roofline, soffits and eaves. We will also identify any nests in your insulation, evidence of chewed wood or wires internally, and signs of droppings in your garage or attic. If squirrels have died in the recesses of your home, a foul, decaying odor will be present, and we will search for the source of that as well. Next, and once we have conducted a comprehensive inspection of your home, and attic, we will provide you with a customized action plan as to how we will proceed in removing the squirrels from your residence. We will also provide photos, when appropriate, to ensure that you understand the scope of the infestation and our reasons for the recommended course of action. Following the inspection, our squirrel removal experts construct an exclusion door at all points of entry. A one-way exclusion door will allow squirrels in your home to exit, but not regain entry. It is necessary that our professional team fully inspect all interior areas to make sure that there is no nest of babies. Depending on the situation, traps may be set at all points of entry, on your roof to remove those squirrels which seem to be insistent on re-gaining entrance into your home. Wrapping it up, our team will seal up all points of entry, remove droppings and replace contaminated insulation if needed and conduct a second comprehensive inspection of your premises before concluding the job, in order to ensure that your squirrel problem is resolved.


If squirrels have gained entry into your home, you should call ARMADILLO WILDLIFE who has experience identifying signs of nesting, dropping, and likely alternate points of entry. These experts can identify every hole and possible entry point in your home and on your roof, and seal each of them shut with a metal covering impervious to gnawing teeth.

While squirrels are not considered dangerous to humans, they could cause structural damage with their chewing. Therefore, it is important that you call ARMADILLO WILDLIFE as soon as you suspect that they are present in your home. Armadillo Wildlife is proud to serve the Fort Wayne community, as well as Warsaw, Auburn, Angola, Syracuse, and surrounding area. Contact us, today, for more information. Thanks for watching, if you liked this video, be sure to like, comment and subscribe!


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